The Rios Sisters Music


Awilda and Mildred Rios were born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and are of Puerto Rican descent. Educated in Puerto Rico as well as New York, the sisters are fluent in both English and Spanish. They began performing at age five when their mother enrolled them in ballet classes. Their passion for singing and dancing would continue to grow throughout their school years.

Their professional debut was in New York singing back-up in legendary clubs such as The Limelight, Cat Club, and Passions.

Together, Awilda and Mildred wrote and arranged their first release entitled "You." This release took them to perform not only in New York and the tri-state area but other places such as Puerto Rico, Florida, and California.

Subsequently, this sexy duo released their other hits "Hold Me," "Are You Looking For Love," , "I Don't Want You Back." , "Love Stays" and "Don't You Criticize". All of these releases were written and arranged by the Rios Sisters (except "Are You Looking For Love").

The Rios Sisters love to perform and combine their own unique style with strong audience participation. "We believe that people need to feel our songs because they all convey a positive message," say the sisters.

"You" is the long-awaited remake of the hit song, performed by the original artists Awilda & Mildred Rios.  The original track is a classic of the freestyle era.  Peter Monk's stunning remake brings this hit up to date, with a driving but smooth, spacious, deep house production. This brilliant new vocal performance by the sisters,  retains the magic of the original, which first captivated radio and club audiences worldwide.